Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogger takes himself very seriously

Bill Falzett III offers his commentary about the FLDS raid in The Road to Serfdom Begins at the Gates of the FLDS Compound!. Who is Falzett 3? Here's his blurb:
Walking the tightrope between polymath and dilettante, I work to make my articles brief, engaging and to the point. While the brevity may lend itself to criticism as demagoguery, I count on you to dig deeper into the relevant facts and arrive at your own conclusions.
Multifaceted intelligence or douchebag provocateur? You decide!
I want to leave you with a final thought. It has been proven repeatedly beyond any doubt that many children have been abused at the hands of the leadership of the Catholic Church. Given the general knowledge of this fact, are we as a society prepared to accept that the government is now justified in storming the homes of all practicing Catholics and removing their children?
That bloody pulp on the floor is my mind, suitably blown.

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