Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I've been doing some cooking and baking, and it's been fun. I started with a pancakes recipe out of the King Arthur Flour cookbook, and have made those a couple of times. I find the cooking of those things problematic, just because it's so hard to tell when to flip the suckers. It would probably help to use an electric griddle with a nonstick surface as opposed to the metal pan I'm cooking them in. Then it advanced to making crackers, and last night I took the plunge into yeast breads.

I made some lovely rolls using a pizza dough recipe - I was looking for a nice roll that had a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior. Mostly it worked out. My exterior was a little dry, so I'll probably coat them with olive oil next time around and hope for a suppler crust.

The pancakes were eye-openers. It's such an easy process that I don't see the need for buying a box mix, really.

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