Saturday, June 09, 2007

Robert Bork, opponent of massive tort windfalls seeks massive tort windfall

Judge Robert Bork, who once wrote
Courts are now meccas for every conceivable unanswered grievance or perceived injury. Juries dispense lottery-like windfalls, attracting and rewarding imaginative claims and far-fetched legal theories. Today's merchant enters the marketplace with trepidation - anticipating from the civil justice system the treatment that his ancestors experienced with the Barbary pirates.
is suing the Yale Club over a slip and fall for a million plus bucks. Apparently he tried to step onto a raised platform to give a speech, slipped and fell, bonking his noggin and damaging his leg. He's asking for punitive damages. And, of course, he was presumably unable to see that the dais was too high to step onto before he tried to step onto it. Or maybe, just maybe, he decided it was time to start saying "Arrrrrrr...."


scarlet panda said...

That is awesome.

On a pretty unrelated note, I've recently learned that when you say "Bar/Bri" to a person who knows nothing about law school, it sounds like you're saying "Barbary.

warm fuzzy said...

I thought that's what you were saying

permathreeseat said...

It's because we take class from pirates.