Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I really like xkcd

it's so funny. I don't always understand the tech humor, and I think that's in the comic's favor. I link this one because I have often felt the same way about some random useless new skill that I learn (you should read the comic).

Relatedly, I often daydream about going back in time and applying my commonplace 21st century knowledge to my advantage. There are two scenarios in particular. In one, I go back in time to caveman days. In my mind, I manage to organize rudimentary language and agriculture. In reality, I'd be clubbed and eaten for dinner, something like that. In the second scenario, I go back in time, join the Beatles, and "write" their songs. I would wonder how people would react to songs that I know that they would eventually write but hadn't yet written. Would they like them? Would they hate them? Would they find them eerily entrancing?

In reality, there's no time travel.

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warm fuzzy said...

heh. I like the I'm killed a man in Reno strip. "I think we're done." Heh.