Saturday, December 09, 2006

Taiso - YMO

This is Yellow Magic Orchestra. I had this song running through my head during my legal profession final.

Since I saw this video, I've been trying to remember what the name of that hippie psych rock collective Japanese band is - always wanted to give them a listen.


I just switched over to Blogger Beta, and oh how I rue that decision. When I try to post in Firefox, the only thing that's saved is the title of the post, none of the content gets saved. I've now switched over to Internet Explorer because that does seem to work, but I've got to use fucking internet explorer. When I go to visit my actual blog, it doesn't render properly, and the title "superelectric" is hidden underneath the blogger bar.


Update: A flush of ye olde browser cache seems to've taken care of things.

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warm fuzzy said...

What I hate about the switch is if you type your comment, then realize you are not signed in, you have to lose your comment to sign in - the correct user name and password do not work in theassigned sign in slots on the comment page. So annoying!