Friday, November 10, 2006

Steele's Busing Program

Michael Steele and Bob Ehrlich, Republican candidates for senate and governor, took six or seven busloads of mainly black, poor, homeless people from Philadelphia to Maryland to hand out misleading flyers to voters on election day. They paid $100 and brought them down to Maryland, where Ehrlich's wife greeted them as they were given hats and shirts. How misleading were the flyers?

The pamphlet, labeled "Ehrlich-Steele Democrats," failed to identify either Ehrlich or Steele as Republicans. The guide also featured pictures of Wayne Curry, Kweisi Mfume, and Jack Johnson, three prominent black Democrats, over the legend "These are our choices," implying an endorsement. Finally, the thing was labeled "Official Voter's Guide."

Why would they go to Philadelphia when Maryland has its own ample supply of poor people? Two reasons, it seems. First, because they're from Philadelphia, they're less likely to spot the fraud in the flyer. Second, when they tried doing a similar thing in 2002, it got all fucked up, with the locals protesting that they didn't get paid. This time, presumably, they wanted to keep some distance between the busees and Maryland.

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Anonymous said...

and now the GOP is rewarding this scumbag Steele by promoting him to head the RNC or HUD? Says a lot about that party doesn't it? Since Steele could not earn a living in the private sector he has earned him living as paid Republican "black" guy. even though he ran away from ihs own party.