Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Robert Altman is Dead

Robert Altman is dead. His filmography includes MASH, Nashville, Prairie Home Companion, The Player, Gosford Park, McCabe and Mrs. Miller and many others. MASH, Nashville, and The Player are the big three famous Altman films. A personal favorite of mine is The Long Goodbye.

Leigh Brackett wrote the screenplay from the Raymond Chandler novel featuring Philip Marlowe. Brackett had previously adapted Chandler's The Big Sleep for the screen and died having written an early draft of The Empire Strikes Back. The movie is set in 1973 California, and Elliot Gould stars as a less macho but very charming private eye.

It's a movie bound up in film noir and so demonstrates a great deal of love for the genre. It's a great movie about enjoying movies, not unlike The Player. I recommend it.

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