Friday, October 27, 2006

The most beautifully trained actor.


Anonymous said...

See - you'd think the 2010 comment would give it away as a joke. But I guess you'd be wrong.

I like that in the comments on YouTube people are trying to find the guy and call him.

warm fuzzy said...

and also, I'm a trekkie


Anonymous said...

I'm going back to thinking it's a joke. Or at least that there's something more going.

I mean: "not as great as Michael Curtiz the director of The Seahawk." Come on.

Damn this age of excessive irony. We can't even recognize the 80's as legit or fake anymore.

Matt said...

That's the problem. I really just have no idea, myself. I mean, there really are people in this world who take themselves that seriously.

The Curtiz thing is interesting. As somebody on Metafilter pointed out, the guy decided to hype him as the director of Sea Hawk when the guy also directed Casablanca.

But maybe he's just trying to be unique.

Jason Goldman said...

Ok - all bets are off. The real Brian Atene made a totally good humored follow-up.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to see this. And they say there's no second acts in American life.