Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's legal to do it, just not to talk about it

Now, here's a headscratcher for you - soliciting sex from a minor is a crime. The solicitation statutes define "minor" as somebody under 18. The age of consent, however, in most places is 16 (including, possibly, DC). Glenn Greenwald points this out here.

So while it may be illegal to ask your 16 year old ex-page to wax your jimmy, it's not illegal for said page to wax said jimmy.

I hope everyone's enjoying the new all-Foley-all-the-time format of Superelectric.


warm fuzzy said...

I wait with baited breath for each new Foley post.

leeman said...

I loved your blog. I completely agree. This scandal should rival the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky one. And since it involves a gay man, it will be even more scandalous.

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zao4metal said...

This is great stuff on Foley. I've written a bit on this bizzare story too. The strange way we have written our sex laws in this country could be a very long blog for you Superelectric. This is great