Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Craigslist Personals Prank

The basic story is that this dude posted a fake personals ad to seattle's craigslist, claiming to be a lady into bdsm. The dude then published the responses to his ad, including photos and personal information. I've mentioned this to several readers in person, here are some links.

Waxy dot org's piece is how I was introduced to the story, and it keeps updating as the story updates. I'd recommend reading this link to everybody, because it's completely work safe and gives you a nice overview of the events.

This link is not work safe as it contains the responses sent to the personals ad. The ad was bdsm-themed, so the responses tend to be spicy in terms of their text* and their pictures.

Waxy suggests that there are two Washington legal claims, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts. I don't really know much about either claim.

The guy himself is a punk. He's said:
Let's milk this. All the way. When I'm in my element, there's no limit to the shit I can stir up, so there's more material to be had. I like entertaining. I like good attention. I've always wanted to have a late night talk show. Letterman is my fucking hero. Stupid people drive me insane and make me very animated. There must be a way to combine this. Into money. Money is important. Money is good.
The man is also an objectivist. Not saying that proves anything, I'm just heavy-handedly implying it.

*i love ur pussy i wanna fuke it hard when we can meet? is a fairly tame and humorously misspelled example.

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warm fuzzy said...

what a jerk. Yes, the people who sent identifying information about themselves are idiots, but what that guy did is just terrible.