Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bonnie Prince Billy - The Letting Go

It's the new BPB album. Cursed Sleep is the single:

I recommend sticking with the video - there's a sequence where a guy puts on an ET mask and wrestles Bonnie "Prince" Billy, which is pretty awesome. Similarly awesome is a scene in which BPB drinks a glass of milk and the camera lingers on the fluid sopped up in his copious moustache. I really like this song, it's stuck with me, and reminds me of a Dan Fogelberg song, but I mean that in a really complimentary fashion. The rest of the album has left me a little cold, I'm sorry to say.

I do, however, really dig the following lyric from God's Small Song
In each eye there is an apple
Buried there before the eye
And out of sockets come the branches
And from the branches dangle I.
When I first heard the song, I thought that last line was "And from the branches dangle eyes," but subsequent listens have led me to believe that's not the case.

Either way, trees growing from people's eye sockets gets a big ol' thumbs up from me.

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