Saturday, July 22, 2006

Yars Revenge commercial

Have you played Atari today? This was a seriously fun game.


Jason Goldman said...

This game was incredible. I also had the audiobook of Yars Revenge which was one of those "turn the page when you hear this sound" type deals.

It told a rather bleak tale of Yars and how he lost his best friend and how he swore to get Revenge. He succeeded, it turned out.

Matt said...

Perhaps it told the story of The Qotile Ultimatum?

Jason Goldman said...

I remember that as well, but I'm pretty sure there was a separate audio book. I'd forgotten this whole "Yars was the species and not the person" thing tho'.

So the game should be "Yars' Revenge" in that case. Right?

Matt said...

Yup, Yars' Revenge. From the Wikipedia entry: "Atari also released an album, under the label Kid Stuff Records, which contained a theme song and a radio drama-style reading of the story in the comic book."

If one goes to digitpress and selects "WAV & MP3's" from the lefthand menu, then "Video Game MP3's!" link, then scrolls down a little, I believe you can download the entire Yars' Revenge audiodrama from the above record. I've got the tracks downloaded, but can't listen to them at the moment.

Jason Goldman said...

Ok - now we're talking.

That's a dramatic reading, indeed.