Monday, July 31, 2006

Esquire on Snakes on a Plane

The best part of the essay is this anecdote:
My friend Jenny is in law school, and one of her classmates went to a movie in April. When the coming attractions started, the first image was of dozens of unsuspecting plane passengers sitting in the cabin of an airborne 757. The moment he saw this, the mischievous law student yelled, "Snakes on a plane!" presumably to amuse and unify the other patrons. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a trailer for United 93, which significantly reduced the hilarity of his outburst.
Thankfully, the thesis comes in a close second best:
It's not a bad movie that's accidentally good, and it's not a good movie that's intentionally bad; it's a disposable movie that people can pretend to like ironically, even though a) it's not ironic and b) they probably won't like it at all.
Which seems about right, although I suppose there's a chance that it'll be a solid exploitation flick. But really, a law student making a Snakes on a Plane joke during the 9/11 movie, that's awesome.

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Fishfrog said...

I was booed out of a theatre for makinh a 9/11 joke during a preview for Snakes on a Plane. Too soon?