Friday, June 30, 2006

Wehrenberg Theaters

Nostalgic link!

Wehrenberg Theaters, according to wikipedia the oldest American theater chain, is a big, St. Louis-based theater chain. It has its own little promo reel which it runs before every movie. Back when I was growing up, the music in the nostalgic link above was what played before every movie I saw at a Wehrenberg theater. It's a groovy little 60s-style tune. The Mp3 is via.

Hearing it again, it's surprising to me how much it's like the intro theme music of Barbarella. I think it's better, though. The Barbarella theme music does have some wicked flute action at the beginning, but then it descends into awfulness when the singing starts ("Barbarella, psychedella..." blech!).

Of course, I could be unfairly biased by the fact that while the Wehrenberg theme music often preceded good movies, the Barbarella theme always precedes Barbarella.


Jason Goldman said...

Aaron, Sutter and I went camping this weekend and spent a good chunk of the the time singing this theme song.

It reminds me of Battle of the Planets ... at least the ending. Clearly a classic of some sort.

jason said...

I want this song played at my funeral.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be cut off just after halfway through. I think there was one more play with the keyboards before the final "ba ba ba ba". Anyone have a more complete version of the intro theme?

Anonymous said...

There was an electric harpsichord part that was edited out of the Wehrenberg theme and even though there is only 10 seconds edited out, I feel jipped. BDF