Monday, June 19, 2006

Selections from Rex Reed's Review of A Prairie Home Companion

adjectives and adjectival phrases:
jabbering, meandering, ossified, lumbering, affected, pointless, never completed, retrieved from a wastebasket and filmed all night in a broadcast studio before the parking meters ran out of quarters, dopey, long-running, corny, lumbering, dull, pretentious, edited with a hedge pruner.
and a bonus phrase:
it pretends that a lug-load of tasteless cracker-barrel baloney can pass for 105 minutes of heirloom charm.
Personally, I enjoyed the film.


Fishfrog said...

When did you see it?

Matt said...

Not Sunday-two-days-ago but rather the Sunday before that I went to see it with my Mom and Dad. We went out to the Valley and saw it at the new theater there (it's reasonably close to where they live).

It's called the Galaxy, and it's like any of the other Wehrenberg megaplexes around here, but it's always cool to check out a new theater.

Like I said, I enjoyed the movie, same style of humor and plenty of songs. One thing that I liked in particular is that the movie posits that the Keillor character and the Meryl Streep character had been a couple at some point in the past. For some reason, that really seems an appealing couple to me.

Fishfrog said...

Same "style of humor" as the radio program? I think you know where I'm going with this. (insert your own joke here about the lack of humor in the NPR broadcasts)

Matt said...

I think Homer Simpson once said to Garrison Keillor on television: "Stupid TV, be more funny!"