Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Atheist Increase 1990-2001

I didn't know this
the greatest increase in absolute as well as in percentage terms has been among those adults who do not subscribe to any religious identification; their number has more than doubled from 14.3 million in 1990 to 29.4 million in 2001; their proportion has grown from just eight percent of the total in 1990 to over fourteen percent in 2001 [note 5];
from a comparison of surveys given in 1990 and 2001. The same study notes a decrease in those who self-identify as Christians, from 86 to 77 percent.


Fishfrog said...

Our numbers swell, our time is nigh. War on the Faithites!!!!!!!!!! We shall not fail!!

Christopher Chan said...

Common sense is finally becoming a bit more common. Hopefully I will one day be able to live in a world free of the bigotry, lies, hatred, ignorance, and delusions that religion causes.

Cor34 said...

Isnt it interesting that the increase in Atheists in the United States is almost identical to the increase in crime and violence. Maybe there is a link there?

Anonymous said...

Cor34, isn't it interesting that the Crusades, the Inquistion, 9/11, protection of pedophile priests by the Catholic Church, and the consistent efforts by fundamentalist Christians to debauch the scientific education of children would never have happened in the absence of religion. Maybe there is a link there?