Friday, April 07, 2006

Sonic Hoots

From Metafilter, an awesome story about a college radio station show where the dudes screwed around in the studio, feeding back the station's on air signal through the broadcast in a noise experiment. At one point, the building starts melting. Here's a sample:
Tom puts the mouth side of the megaphone up to his mouth, and just starts making mouth-shapes. Not actually making any noise. The shape-shifting cavity of his mouth forms resonances with the megaphones mic, causing even more harmonic distortions and resonances. He doesn't have to make any noise, just modify the way the mic is picking up pre-existing noises.
Check it out, it's a neat story.

This video clip depicts a guy with a bunch of microphones affixed to his body walking into a room filled with speakers that are playing the sound from the mics. The result is a shitload of feedback, and it's really quite loud and entertaining. If you check it out, turn down the volume first. This is the thing what elicited the comment on MeFi.

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