Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fo rils, people

Are there good podcasts out there? I've tried the New York Times' summary of the front page 'cast, and it blows - a guy sitting in an echo chamber, reading terrible summaries of the news. That sucks.

Ideally, I'd like a good music cast that learned me about music - old or new. Maybe a really good condensed radio show, that sort of thing. I like learning about music, by which I mean pop music, but the problem is always that there's a bunch of music out there, and only so many good filters.

Not that I've really looked, I'm just trolling for suggestions. I figure that there has to be a radio show that's really good out there.

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Anonymous said...

Try NPR's All Songs Considered. They also have a general music podcast. This is good too - but All Songs Considered is more centralized in new music. Also, iTunes New Music Tuesday is pretty good.

Hope these help!