Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Let the organs function from the position nature intended

is but one of the bits of wisdom related in The Story Of Menstruation, a Walt Disney educational film, sponsored by Kotex, which explains all about a young woman's growing body. It also gives useful tips on healthy living for that young woman.

If your period's got you down and you want to be all pissy, the film advises that you not, reminding us all that "No matter how you feel, you have to live with people." Truly it's always best to be smiling on the outside.

The film dispells old myths about what to avoid during that special time. It counsels, with an eerily sexless shower scene, that bathing's perfectly ok, as long as the water's neither too hot nor too cold. Exercise is perfectly fine as well, as long as it is moderate, for it's "going to extremes that's wrong and to be avoided."

All in all, I'd have to say that this is the finest Disney cartoon that contains the word "vagina."

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Jason Goldman said...

It should only be a matter of time before the Disney malaria movie starts making the rounds. I believe this flick is from the 40s and stars the 7 dwarves as they combat mosquitos.

Their big solution? Mosquitos breed in wetlands so all we need do is ruin the wetlands. They specifically recommend dumping crude oil in the everglades in order to combat the pests.

It's awesome.