Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good bye, baby, good bye.

So I am recovering from my chest cold, slowly getting better. But there's been more going on. I haven't had a cigarette since Saturday. I decided to try quitting since I was already sick. It's an issue that's been on my mind for a while, and I know that lots of people decide to use illness as a good excuse to stop temporarily smoking in order to stop altogether.

It's not a lot of fun, and I definitely feel more on edge. In order to help myself out, I say to myself that I know that if I smoke, I'll regret it, no matter what I'd feel physically, I'd feel down on myself. Plus, if I start up again, I'd only have to go through the fucking withdrawl again. Since I know that I will quit eventually, it's best to minimize the time spent in withdrawl.

During the meanwhilst, I'm chewing gum and easily annoyed. Way hey hey!


scarlet panda said...

Congratulations--that's awesome. I'll try not to annoy you.

former squishy said...

You can do it.

Seeseh poiedeh. (my attempt to be cute and use phonetic spanish is probably truly annoying to you right now but I just can't bring myself to erase it)

warm fuzzy said...

That's the coolest thing I've heard all day!

I'll try to carry gum with me, so at least if I annoy you I can offer you a distraction.

Fishfrog said...

Quitting is for quitters, Quitter!

Arfanser said...

Fishfrog is an @#$%!@#$

Squishy meant si se puede.

Jason Goldman said...

Nice. The physical withdrawl is only like 3 days or so. So, you're already through the worst.