Thursday, February 02, 2006

Down on the ground

I interviewed today with the public defender's office. Interviews just leave me feeling terrible. I know that if I were employed I would please with my capability and dedication, but getting there from here is just a drag.

Not helping things was a really unpleasant socratic interaction in class today. I was asked one of those amazingly loaded questions and gave an incorrect answer. I felt embarassed, and I don't like that. I knew the case and knew what was going on, but getting the answer the professor wants is just another thing altogether.

For some law school professors, being a jerk is a preferred alternative to clear elucidation of concepts.

At least the lady at Kinko's was nice to me.


Anonymous said...

How did the interview go? I won't believe anybody wouldn't give you a job.

PS LS sucks

Fishfrog said...

I would hire you, Matt, but only for your hot loving, not your ample legal skills.

Anonymous said...

LS bites. The part that always annoyed me the most was the "laugh track." Whenever a student gave an incorrect response and the prof made a smug (usu. lame) remark the entire class would erupt into laughter - as if the prof suddenly morphed into Seinfeld. What gives? I assume it's the nervous giggle -- tee-hee tee-hee not me not me. Good luck, dude. My thoughts are with you.

Matt said...

Thanks for the kind comments, all. In retrospect, the interview wasn't terrible, but I didn't get any great sense of love from the people. The "We want to hire you" kind of love I so desire.