Friday, December 09, 2005

Serious as a Heart Attack

So I'm finishing up my corporate/white collar exam. I've just added in a coupla cases to an earlier question to beef up the answer. All of a sudden, I get "Windows is preparing to shut down" and my computer turns off. Immediately the following thoughts go through my head:

There's like 5 minutes left in the exam! Shit! I'm fucked!
If it loses all my answers, I'm fucked!
If I can't get back online, I'm fucked!
If the exam software fucks up because of the power down, I'm fucked!

Luckily, I discovered that my power cord had come loose when I moved the laptop a little earlier, so I replugged in, and the computer restarted in perfect recovery-from-standby condition, with all my answers intact and no apparent loss to my answers. For a second though, I thought that I was dead.

That is all.

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