Monday, December 19, 2005

The Island: Pretty/Vacant

So after I saw Brokeback, I rented and watched The Island. I don't know what's happened to Michael Bay. He used to make such good bad movies, and now his movies are just plain bad.

It's hard to give a convincing critique, too. I mean, should I point out the plot holes, limp characterization, and inane dialogue? All the Bay flix I like have those features. The film looks good, how could a Bay flick look bad, the guy does candy coated compositions that make you want to eat the screen. But the dialogue is horrible. For even a Michael Bay movie.

Regardless, The Island sucks ass. If you want a really solid piece of summer scifi blockbuster, I recommend I, Robot - which was a surprisingly good film (and I hate Will Smith).


warm fuzzy said...

I was really disapponted by the Island. I love me some Ewan McGreggor, but even he could not save this movie.

Matt said...

I've been extremely pro-Ewan since Trainspotting. Of course, 90% of his dialogue in The Island is "Go!", said innumerable times.

I want to recommend a Ewan flick to you, it's called Rogue Trader, and it's based on the true story of Nick Leeson, who got involved in some trading fraud that caused a ton of damage to a British bank. Anyway, it's pretty neat, and Ewan does a stellar job.

warm fuzzy said...

Yeah, I've seen Rouge Trader. I agree that Ewan was great in it, but I could not get into that movie. It's been several years since I've seen it, so I may give it a 2nd viewing sometime.