Sunday, December 11, 2005

If I fail antitrust, I'm blaming this game.

Dragger is a simple puzzle game. An image is sliced into twelve squares which you must arrange correctly in a grid. The images are often of lovely paintings, which makes the game a lot of fun to beat, because in addition to the joy of solving the puzzle, you also get to see something really cool. And I live for Pavlovian style rewards in video games.*

*If you ever have trouble sleeping, I have an elaborate thesis that I'd be willing to share with you regarding the Wipeout series of games that centers on this concept.


Fishfrog said...

That's a pretty good game. How is it you're able to locate so many great games?

Matt said...

That one I got from Good Experience Games, which was linked from either or Basically, I read "let's compile interesting bookmarks" sites, they have a lot of good stuff.

I got a surprise playing the game today - a bonus painting. It was neat.

cdawg said...

how high does it go? It seemed like it never ended.

Matt said...

From my experience, limited only by my guilt at not working hard on antitrust, it's endless and it doesn't have the greatest mechanism against repeats. It does give you a little "good job!" affirmation when you hit 100 points (10 successful puzzles).