Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Enough with the puzzle games, let's have some violence.

Float'in assult, is more fun than its ludicrous name suggests. It's a "vertical shmup" which means that it's essentially a really pretty version of Space Invaders. But pretty it is.

Head Space is another vertical shmup, but it's got a nifty visual hook. You are battling drops of rain that are sliding down a watery window. Imagine if Mortal Kombat were Galaga, with a really sweet aesthetic sense.

Finally, I have yet to download and play, but must give a mention to Lapis, which bills itself as "A magical pet adventure...and stealthy primer on female sexual pleasure". The demo was down for a while, but now it's back up. Apparently the game has something to do with tickling rabbit's noses or some such thing. Although my experience with Academic Games Designed to Teach us all a Lesson has been that they are Dull as Listening to Academics Talk in General, I find the sex angle intriguing.

As to why this game falls into the "violent" category...erm...well...all sex is rape. Thank you and I must now go study.

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