Monday, December 05, 2005

Craigslist: right or wrong?

I've skimmed a coupla paragraphs of this article, which in between making ridiculous personal digs at the guy behind Craigslist argues that is bad because it's putting small papers out of business. My question to the Walmart bashers in the audience - is this the same thing as Walmart? Is it better or worse and why.

Your answers must be legibly printed on every other line of your blue book. Please write on only one side of the page and number your booklets 1/3, 2/3, etc. I will be evaluating your answers on the strength of your analysis, and partial credit may be given for outlines submitted with your final answers, as long as you make reference to SPECIFIC portions of the outline in your exam booklet. For the purposes of this blog post, assume a jurisdiction which follows the Model Penal Code. Do not question the clarity of my exam questions, for I am a total bitch* who is DYING to fuck you over on just such a point.

*In the interests of gender equality, there are several male professors who deserve the appellation "bitch" or some male equivalent. You know who you are, and no theatrics involving pumpkins will get you out of this judgment.


Fishfrog said...

Interestingly enough, the crimlaw exam last semester did not use blue books. Curious.

Fishfrog said...

Better than Walmart. Because Walmart affects a million times more people. Even if every local weekly were run out of business, it still would only affect a fraction of the number of workers exploited by Walmart.

Matt said...

Many workers who don't have much money also love Walmart because it has low prices. Is this not a benefit to them?

Fishfrog said...


Fishfrog: 1
Matt: 0