Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Band

got together, sort of, yesterday. Our repertoire is quickly becoming all Neutral Milk Hotel, all the time. It's a hoot, though, and a lot of fun. We recorded one of Fishfrog's originals, too, and I got to play bass on that. Look out, Peter Hook. When the song was over, I had to bust into the lick from Joy Division's "Novelty." Buckets of glee.

Incidentally, I finally heard the Jan Wenner tapes of his interview with John Lennon shortly after the Beatle breakup. Jesus christ, were they depressing. Lennon's bagging on absolutely everyone (except, of course, Yoko) and it's just nasty. The Yoko-driven marketing campaign for Lennon has him as being some kind of blessed deity. Truth is, that man had a whole big streak o' cunt in him, and he was quite willing to express that.

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