Monday, November 07, 2005

When I was younger so much younger than today

I used my very first Internet Name. Looking back on it, it was kinda gay. I mean, I really shoulda thought twice about it. In my defence, though, I grew up in a world gone mad with Wham videos. I've quite happily lived as mattb for a while now.

So this week a bunch of my law school friends caught ye olde blogging fever and entered the world of wacky pseudonyms. While we have yet to do so, I no doubt believe that we legal bloggers could form like voltron and kick ass with blazing swords and the like.

Fish Frog Monkey Man has neat tax discussions and in depth reporting about giant m and m's. The origin of his name is, like Fish Frog himself, quite charming, and truly deserves to be the new "survival of the fittest."

Scarlet Panda would no doubt agree with me that there's something lost when you talk about evolution as survival of the fittest. Randomness abides in the process. The Scarlet Panda suspects that the Squishy Burrito's baby is some sort of genetic uberkind. SP also taught me that if you highlight words before clicking on the link dealie that your selection will be the anchor. My life has changed significantly based upon this discovery.

Washrambler has a featurette about him on dvd that's really very funny. The Y has great taste for a well turned phrase. He was kinda signalling a waver on blogging output, but came back with a one two punch that really evoke the joy of living in Missouri.

I've never been one for much of a links section, but if I were it would probably feature:

Goldtoe, who recently had lunch with MC Hammer. Recently, this poor guy had to deal with an eruption of customer support in his blog, which he handled with grace. I was kinda shocked when I saw that, myself. I mean, it's rather like asking someone for the evidence assignment for Monday through your blog, it's just plain rude. He recently visted and that was a hoot, I made him watch parts of Turkish Star Wars.

Goldtoe is friends with a crew of people who are the definition of good people. Among that crew sits Sutter, whom I once made watch the Star Wars Holiday Special.

What can I say about Sutter other than Christmas Cameraphone Thailand. I love his pictures. He was kind enough to host early incarnations of my blog.

At this point in the show we have a surprise guest, Warm Fuzzy, of whose movie trivia game I am the current undisputed worldwide champion. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Fuzzy offers a great response to the question, " You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?"

Finally, Mojo Nixon can be pretty funny.

ps, what's the monday assn for ev?

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Fishfrog said...

Because I have not been to evidence since last monday, I know neither the assignment for today nor for tomorrow. But then again, I may not go tomorrow, so no matter.