Monday, November 28, 2005

Straight to DVD Buffy Movies?

"There are serious discussions going on about bringing some of the characters back and making a few movies that will go straight to DVD, but they will certainly be the quality they have always been," Noxon said in an interview.
Some characters seem unlikely to show up.
But Noxon said that she doubts that star Sarah Michelle Gellar would reprise her role as Buffy and added that she thought it might be tough to persuade Alyson Hannigan to return as Willow. Both Gellar and Hannigan have moved on to film roles, and Hannigan is now a regular on the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.
I refuse to believe that either of those two have film careers.


warm fuzzy said...

How the hell would there be movies, straight to DVD or not w/o Buffy and Willow? Yeah, it could be done b/c of the way the series left off (careful to be vauge so as not to spoil for anyone), but why would we want to watch it? All I can say is: lame. I love the buffy series beyond reason, but let the show go out with dignity.

Jason Goldman said...

The oft-discussed ideas have centered around spinning off Spike and (potentially separately) Giles. But I think the comic books are the only place where things are actually going to continue.

From watching the bonus features on the 40-disc boxed set (that's right) it's very clear who is willing to participate in future Buffyverse adventures and who is not.

Nicholas Brendan - yeah, he's got nothing but spare time in which to record some extras.

SMG - dude, she won't even show up for a 2 minute interview for a featurette.

scarlet panda said...

I might be down for a Spike or Giles related spinoff (sort of like Angel), but not a Buffy without Buffy. The show would have to have its own concept and stand on its own.

Also, I don't like movies related to TV shows, especially direct-to-DVD movies. Just make a TV show.

Jason Goldman said...

I agree with you, in princple.

But Serenity rocked!