Monday, November 28, 2005

Mystery Train (Despair Mix)

A video of "security contractors" (or mercenaries) in Iraq shooting at random civilians on the road has hit the net. There are several short clips edited together to the chipper strains of Elvis' classic Mystery Train. Check it out and be proud to be an American. An article about this is here. Note that the video doesn't show any death (that I can tell), but it does feature nausea-inducing hooting on the part of the shooters.


Fishfrog said...

I watched the video and there is no indication that any Americans are involves. Nor is there any reason to believe anyone was firing a weapon. I am skeptical of the video's authenticity.

Matt said...

Actually, you're part right. The company in question is British.

Fishfrog said...

ah HA! You've been caught in your own web of deceipt!