Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Jewish Hero Corps

Are here to save the religious indoctrination comic book day! Mosesketeer roll call, sound off:
Menorah Man can grow as many as eight arms, shooting flames from each of them.
Dreidel Maidel
The Hurricane Heroine can spin at tremendous speed. She also thinks with the speed of a super-computer.
Yarmulkah Youth
“The Capped Crusader” has a belt full of trick Yarmulkahs, including a Yamarang, a radio, Bullet-proof handshields, a parachute and many more.
My favorite is Hypergirl/Matza Woman:
After unknowingly eating an atomic matzah that was accidentally baked in a microwave oven with radioactive water, she was surprised to learn that she could fly, could turn invisible and had microwave vision and Hyperstrength. And best of all, NOTHING could hurt her . . . except being under water for more than 18 minutes!
The cleverest thing on the website is the communication center, where mousing over the images of superheroes reveals different chat lines. Check it out!


Fishfrog said...

What about Bris Boy, whose power is cutting off foreskins and strangling people with the excised flesh?

Matt said...

You are dripping with contempt for religious belief, yet I find your comment strangely arousing.

Alan said...

Issue #2 of Jewish Hero Corps Comics has finally arrived!

The Secret of The Solar Succah is available now at:

A radiation-ridden asteroid heading for Earth can only be stopped by a vintage 1955 solar-powered, succah-shaped force-field, whose components were camouflaged fifty years ago and hidden in important Jewish historic spots across the globe.

In a race against time, The Jewish Hero Corps follows clues to track down where their predecessors hid the devices more than half a century ago.

In February, it will ALSO be available at the Jewish Hero Corps' Web site, www.jewishsupers.com.

The Jewish Hero Corps, the world's only Jewish superhero team, fights for truth and justice, and against ignorance. Charter members Magen
David, Menorah Man, Dreidel Meidel, and Minyan Man, have recruited Shabbos Queen, Matzah Woman and Kipa Kid ... and the adventures have
only begun!