Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Moisture and humility

My oh my has it been moist here lately. In addition to the rains, the humidity is quite palpable. When I touch my couch, it feels like I spilled water on it an hour ago. Papers lie limp and soggy. I had left a book lying on the floor, and yesterday looked down to discover that the cover had curled up.

I looked up and then settled down on my soggy sofa to watch the Matrix. Suddenly, though, the television screen began to display bizarre new images. Instead of turgid Larry Fishburne, I became lost in an ever-changing array of abstract paintings filled with ancient forgotten meaning. This phosphene pattern then converged into a bright fuchsia light which beamed into and excited directly my mind, causing it to vibrate with music - in fact it was the Stone Roses' song "I am the Resurrection." I sensed that some foreign (possibly Russian, possibly extraterrestrial, certainly gnostic) machine intelligence was warning me that I was in great danger. The RIAA would soon send its goons to my house to beat me up because of the unauthorized copying. I know this for certain because...because...I INFORMED ON MYSELF!


Anonymous said...

Yeah this tv happened to us awhile back. The screen went hot pink then lime green. Then basically black and white with a roving color blotch. Eventually you get used to it (or you get a new tv - we waited until the thing blew out)

Hope all is well. I seriously think you should post more on your ws -- it makes it more interesting to read.

Anonymous said...

i stumbled across your blog because, apparently, you mention "turkish star wars" or some combination of those words and google sent me here. anyway, I just bought the paperback of Valis the other day and the friggin cover did the same thing. I thought that was funny.