Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Psycho Cupid

is my favorite Mekons song, from their album Fear and Whisky. It's a short little jam which has in place of lyrics a bit of spoken word from this chick. She says all sorts of nasty/sad things. "My dad burnt the toast this morning....I saw the cup of tea fall from his trembling hands....he said I was answered them in words I didn't understand....there are some people who live in their dreams. For them, it's life that isn't real....His head was all over the place....I wish there were some place I could go....My sex drew back into itself, tight and dry....I'm scared, but there's nowhere different....You kicked the ball over the fence. There's got to be one breath after which there doesn't come another." You know, real uplifting stuff that you listen to during finals. For those of us who have completed finals, there's the best of early New Order and bizarre microdancing at odd hours while completely out of your head.

P.S. The Arthur Baker Confusion r0xx0r2.

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