Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Law School: The Finals Battle

I am two days away...well...one day, really, from my last final, that being on torts. I'm holed up in the library, doing my best not to actually work on studying, but rather using the school's generous internet connection to download episodes of Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. Upstairs, a guy sits alone in the student commons. He's built a five-can high aluminum tower of diet pepsi, surrounded by an empty plastic dr pepper bottle, a fountain soda from the cafe which closed seven hours ago, and a mcdonalds cup. Large size, since they've discontinued supersizing.

I told my girl the other day that I had planned to do all my studying for property the day before the test, and she looked at me like I'd just confessed to having a thing for farm animals. A gay thing for farm animals. We came to the conclusion that I'm just filled with apathy and confidence. That makes me sound like a shit, but I'm in law school, buddy.

While I was here, somebody's laptop was stolen. It's funny, because I had taken a break from studying, by which I mean reading about the social consciousness Green Arrow comics, to go upstairs and have a smoke, and left my computer in the library to torrent its little heart out, and I thought to myself how easy it would be to steal somebody's computer. When I found out that somebody had done this, I felt afraid to leave my little guy alone in the library. I mean, my baby is a sexy beast, even if it is a little slow by modern standards, and it takes forever to load the test taking software we use. Luckily, she's stayed safe for the two times I've since gone to smoke.

By the way, did you realize that you can build a really cheap LCD projector out of spare parts? I'm tempted to do this, but can't think of where to stick the overhead projector. Jesus, for a library, people do talk a lot and annoyingly in this place.

Anyway, one more final to go, one more.

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p.p. said...

Hope your finals went well, or good enough?