Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Sleepy Company: Final Type

Yesterday I was falling asleep in Property, and here's the result.

Lower courts held that this was a tenancy at will in the Ct Apls reversed it. The comm on law thinking is that if the will is made terminable by the lessee, it must also be made terminable at the will of the landlord. Believes that Coke. Coke used to be the majority rule, but other legislation 000

at common law, life estates could be made terminaly by the grantor only. However if you try to set up a life estate wo going trhough livery of seiszin, the law would treatt this grant as a something at will.
z that
the court sez that the grant has no livery of seizil Ct sez it’s abandoned this, make unilateral or bilateral irrelevant. And so we should consider the particular piec of life estate; Terminale sololy by the tenant as long as the tenanty keep making and replies.

it shows how this old commonlaw property has succh a large in pacmp. Sometimes there are distirinctions in te law tha. the second reason impt. Shjow whow a rule can be subje=verted. there’s something which leads to a bad result. What the court does is explain the reason behidjn

Gerrish should win be cause i

this is an illustration of what you can ddodco when you disagree.

Is this fair to Donovan, to DonaeHeur.

the house will nevertheless return when on eof a ton earth
ventually they’l all dies, and this retre

thd onlhy problem is if donovan dies with like]]

problem 1 450
1-L leases orangeacre to T for as many years as L desires.
life estate per autre vie
doesn’t this screw the etenant. Oif

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final type

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