Monday, October 11, 2004

The Equivalents in Courvoisier

It is not an honor code violation to go ahead and initial it for him. He told me that all I needed to do was to learn the codes, the codes. I thought there was some secret language that I needed to unlock, to lick, but I was wrong. You have the smallest, most exacting handwriting. I want to drop out of law school, I dislike it so. But I misunderstood, you see, because he was saying "chords," not "codes."

I had to pull the car over in the theater parking lot where we watched the superbowl on a large CRT projection TV. Left the keys in the car and accepted the instruction of defendants and how does it differ from the instruction ultimately delivered. My paper, I only spent maybe four hours on it all told. Three and a half writing the fucker in the first place. I had to pee. I badly had to pee. I had to pee badly, but then there was this copious black stripper offering me some really cheap lapdances and so I had to skip the maze level.

I mean, I only spent like twenty minutes revising it just now, and it's so short, much shorter than everybody else's. But she had something about her. If the defendant is exercising ordinary care and the plaintiff is exercising ordinary care then the defendant is not liable. Thankfully my girl thought to get in the car and park it in a safe place where all the Beatles and Skip Spence bootlegs were. So all the Beatles were alive during the seventies, how come none of them knew about punk rock or anything like that? How did Lennon let himself regress into such a whiny bitch?

But it's better, isn't it, to have something to look forward to? Plus, you've got to admit that it's better than working with low grade retards. But is it? I mean, I don't really like the way it all works out, these higher social organizations. I expect a liberation, but it's such a drag. Which is all by way of saying that I'm keeping the blog secret.

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