Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores
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I am the last of the famous international playboys. Well, no, but this is the last group of three for August.

I really enjoy flickr, I find I can spend endless amounts of time just browsing through everybody's photos.

Tonight I started trying to take some long exposures of night scenes and got yelled at by some cops. Yes, Creve Coeur Lake park closes 1/2 hour after sunset, and they don't really want anybody out there. For some reason - I guess it's to stop anonymous gay sex or something.

My strategy did pay off somewhat, cos as soon as I posted this last group, I got pretty much immediate hits on them. While I'm glad to see the hit counter on flickr, it drives me nuts sometimes.

Time to go to bed. Tomorrow - Alien vs Predator! Woo hoo!

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