Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Multiple Exposure
Originally uploaded by factory123.

Motivated by my continuing depression over law school, I ran through the photo backlog and picked out the ones I'm going to post. These will go up in the near future in short and probably thematic bursts.

Here's the first batch, and our theme is fuckups. These pictures all contain flaws, mostly lens flares, that degrade their technical worth. Now, I have more of these, but I've decided to put up only the ones that look cool. I leave the messy, uncool fuckups I make for the text portion of Superelectric, you see.

The picture up above is the result of a failure of the toothed film feeding mechanism. I have no idea how many exposures there are in the picture, but I can make out parts of the Page extension bridge (which I find beautiful), Creve Coeur lake and some of its surrounding foliage.

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