Sunday, August 29, 2004

Boathouse Sunset

Boathouse Sunset
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Things have calmed down considerably. I'm slowly getting into the groove of things at school. As before, I've fallen into a nerd clique, but that's fine by me, at least these people have something to talk about.

We hung out this weekend, watched Battle Royale, which is a great little flick about schoolkids sent to an island to fight each other until only one is left alive. Crazy Japanese movie.

Also saw City of God, which I highly recommend. Wacky structure like Amores Perros. Unlike AP, though, it doesn't suck and is actually really entertaining.

Few new shots up at flickr, taken at Creve Coeur lake. I need to find some new places to shoot, but when there's a huge park right next to where you live, that's something of a draw.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt, this is a strange request, but I stumbled across your photo of boathouse sunset and was wondering if there was any way I could get a copy of it. I was one of the architects who designed it and would like to use your photo for my personal portfolio. I have some images of it, and have been planning to go out there and take some better ones, but yours is a very good dusk shot (the money shot in the architecture world) and would save me arrangements with washu or the St. Louis rowing club to leave the lights on. I can't pay you for it or anything, but can promise you will be credited with the shot in my portfolio. If you want to send it to me that is. Please let me know. Thanks.
Todd Wilson