Friday, July 16, 2004

Dramatis Persona

Nehemiah Curtis "Skip" James, composer, Devil Got My Woman

It's not a question of forthrightness. I told you, you knew, and you
had every opportunity to do the right thing. Some would say you
should never have gone there with her, all reasonable people would
agree that you should have said something to me.

I'd rather be the devil, to be that woman man

Would the outcome have been the same if you had been more forthright?
Maybe, even probably so. But that's no excuse for letting me walk
headlong into traffic. Same thing goes for her.

nothing but the devil change my baby's mind

As for my reaction, had I not been direct and honest but rather
sensitive and understanding (i.e. gay), I would be spending endless
hours in the company of two people who lack respect for me. I would
be a fellow forever lost in a hopeless dream of longing and yearning.
As it is so it must be; her anger or regret are irrelevant to me.
I will not play fag hag. If you "sincerely wish[ed] the best for [me],"
you would understand that.

but my mind got to rambling, like the wild geese from the west

Now, I've told you once, and I'll tell you again. You are dead to me.
Do not call me, do not email me, do not leave comments on my blog.
You have no respect for your friends. You bit the hand that fed you,
your only other friend in this city. I never want to see you or have any
contact with you again in my lifetime. If you need a literary
metaphor to understand this, may I suggest that you consult Dante's
Inferno, particularly regarding the fate of Brutus, Cassius, and

woman I love, stolt her from my best friend
but he got lucky, stolt her back again

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