Tuesday, June 01, 2004

So they fired this one chick

from where I work. Where I work, by the way, is a place which creates data to be sent overseas for processing. Overseas, where labor's cheaper. I started temping there like 4 mos ago, and Ive been hired on for a month now. In those first three months, they fired one two three four people, and then the one which just happened.

Out of the first three, I think I most liked the guy who failed his background check because of a drug conviction. We would be outside smoking and he'd tell me about outracing cops on his motorcycle while constantly fidgeting. In a set, regular cycle, he'd throw snowballs at this small stump of a pipe. The pipe poked out of the ground at the top of the artificial hill into which the builing's set. Which meant that the pipe part was right next to a standing eye level window. The dude was accurate, but not precise.

My pal who left today has a kid and was in the process of applying for some federal grant in order to buy a fucken house in which to live. I'm living the American Dream!

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