Wednesday, March 17, 2004

More Inane Pornography

Well, not really, but I was intrigued by an ad on talking points memo enough to visit Stephanie Herseth's campaign website. The site itself is done up in that generic-political-site format that I've seen way too fucking much of. It's a design which, by the way, doesn't render properly in Firebird (I upgraded from Phoenix to Firebird but have yet to upgrade to Firefox. If the browser weren't so good, this is one of many reasons I'd have an intense dislike of the mozilla people.) The shit at the bottom covers up text on long pages.

But that's all beside the point, as Stephanie is hot. I mean, like Ann-Coulter-hot. It looks like her platform is gener-o-crat, but hey, at least we've got a babe on our team! There really aren't enough pictures of her on her website, but I do recommend the third picture of her reading to elementary school kids, as you can see a bit of leg in it. Speaking of which, one of her campaign stops is listed on the site as being "Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo" which my eyes desperately try to read as "Black Silk Stockings Rodeo," which would be much more exciting. I'll have to check her realplayer clips to see if there's any more goodness, or if she's got a freaky voice or anything.

I wonder if the content and not just the design is stamped out by the eCampaigns people (great name, so...eCutting-eEdge). Whenever I visit a political site, my eyes water over in boredom, and then I read the crap on the site and it's all, "blah blah blah fair trade blah blah blah support our troops blah blah blah jobs overseas." Ugh, no fucking ANYTHING. Is it so hard to have just one fucking iota of personality?

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