Monday, March 15, 2004

Greencine is Awesome!

So far, I've gotten:

God's Angry Man - a ~1hr documentary by Werner Herzog about a crazy televangelist, Dr. Robert Scott, who goes completely apeshit during his broadcasts, screaming at his crew and the viewers. At one point, the guy's attacked by the FCC, and to mock them he puts together a huge orchestra of windup monkey toys which he calls the FCC. Word up, Werner!

Radio Bikini - a ~1hr documentary about the Bikini Atoll A-bomb tests. Short, very very sad. Has a sailor who got SERIOUSLY fucked up by the testing. The navy let the sailors get way too fucking close to the blasts. Throughout the docu, you see this guy in a head shot. Near the end, the camera finally pans back and you see he's got no legs and his right hand has swollen up to maybe 4 times its normal size.

The Last Laugh - Murnau flick about a hotel greeter who loses his job and becomes depressed. As you might guess from the title of the film, more happens in the flick. Wonderful silent film. I'm holding off on writing more about Murnau because the next three films which are being sent to me are:

Murnau's Nosferatu, Tabu, and Sunrise. FUCKING AWESOME! The only bad thing I can say about Greencine is that it's located in San Francisco, so it takes a while for the movies to go back and forth through the mail. Luckily, this delay encourages me to visit my local video rental place so that I can support local business. Which, in this case, is a really cool guy named Jack who runs The Movie Nut in Kirkwood. While I rent Murnau from the 'cine, I get recommendations like Sorcerer from Jack. A film I would've NEVER watched otherwise, and quite a good fucking movie at that. It's a shame the DVD's only full frame, but it's still worth watching. (Roy Scheider, it's another version of Wages of Fear).

Movies are fun!

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